Not All Who Wander Are Lost

-J.R.R Tolkein

Welcome To Slatz

We live in a world where nearly everything is made of plastic.

Plastic dishes, plastic cars, plastic sunglasses, plastic clothes, even plastic people in some cases.

Plastic is cheap. Plastic is easy. Plastic is boring.

There is a "rugged" appeal to things that are hand-crafted from wood. They're
special and unique. They almost have a life of their own.

When you wear a pair of wooden sunglasses, you can feel the difference...

It's like an adventure. It's like a cool hike along a burbling stream to your log cabin
through the forest on a cloudy day. It's like spending a balmy day at the beach with
your best friends followed by a bonfire and watching the sunset.

Every pair of sunglasses from Slatz is made with 100% natural, eco-friendly wood. No
living trees are harmed to produce them.

Slatz is is a one-man-pony-show that I started because of my love for travel, freedom
and adventures. I was inspired by guys like Tim Ferris, among many others. The world
is a big place, with many places to see, many roads to travel...

Not all who wander are lost.



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The world has enough plastic waste. We don't see any reason to add to it. Our packaging has the minimal amount of plastics.