Wooden Sunglasses // 003 Wooden Sunglasses // 003
Wooden Sunglasses // 003 $79.99
Ready to look like a boss? Each pair of Slatz 003's is UNIQUE. They are handcrafted from reclaimed canadian maple skateboard wood and comes with a cylindrical, eco-friendly bamboo protective case.Best of all, they float! For those days when you are out deep sea fishing, surfing, wakeboarding... whatever. You wont need to worry about these sunglasses sinking, never to be found again! "They're so light!" -That's usually the first thing that people say when first hold a pair of our sunglasses —But don't be fooled, the wood components are far stronger than any plastic sunglasses. Each pair comes with bulletproof double-spring hinges that are sunk a FULL INCH deep into the temples, so that you can rest assured, you will never have a problem with the hinges breaking. Handcrafted From 7-ply Canadian Maple Skateboard Wood Polarized UV400 Lenses Stainless Steel Double Jointed Spring Hinges Eco-friendly Wood Protective Carrying Case + Cleaning Cloth 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Click "Add To Cart" To Get Yours Now
Zebrawood Black │001 Series Zebrawood Black │001 Series
Zebrawood Black │001 Series $79.00
These shockingly lightweight shades combine exotic zebra wood temples with reclaimed, canadian maple skateboard wood frames and are fitted with some seriously bullet-proof stainless steel, double-spring-hinges. Engineered To Last a Lifetime - and designed to wear every day. They are fitted with bullet-proof stainless steel, double-spring hinges and durable shatterproof lenses. These frames are NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL and can be brought to your local optician should you require prescription lenses.  Every Pair Is A Work of Art - Slatz wood sunglasses are crafted by hand with 100% Raw Natural Wood, every pair is a distinctive unique work of art. So Lightweight They Float - Slatz wood sunglasses have a more wholesome & light feel to them than any plastic shades! They just FEEL good! (Impossible to describe). Water sports are no match for these sunglasses... Not only do they look & feel great, but they float too! No need to dive overboard to rescue your sunglasses. Natural Wood Grain - Only the rawest, most high-quality, sustainably harvested wood materials are used to craft a pair of Slatz. The perfect unique gift!Crafted from sustainable bamboo and featuring custom-designed engravings on each arm, these sunglasses are distinctive artwork you can wear. 100% Polarized UV400 - Designed for driving & outdoor activities; eye protection that eliminates glare, especially that headache-causing glare that reflects off water or snow. Our Durable & Shatterproof, high-def lenses give you a natural & clear vision.  100% Handcrafted  100% Polarized UV400 Lenses  Eco-friendly & Sustainably Harvested Wood  Durable Stainless Steel Double-spring Hinges  Wood Protective Carrying Case + Cleaning Cloth  30 Day Money Back Guarantee Click "Add To Cart" To Get Yours Now


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